Monday, May 10, 2010


A dear classmate of mine has just recently blogged about whether not the state of Texas should consider adopting immigration laws that are similar to those of Arizona. All that I have to say about this is that I completely agree with everything that you have to say and I love the way you think.

It is true that it is hurting Americans. What really sickens me is that I work really hard from my money and I do not want to know that part of my taxes went to some immigrant that is either in jail or whatever reason. And it is true that some immigrants take job at lower pay rates which causes our economy to go down.

As well as my classmate, I am not races. I do feel that if someone wants to come and live in the United States, please do so the honest way. Learn a little bit about our country and how some things work and get your green card. And please above all, learn how to speak the national language. I find it kind of frustrating that some of these people come to OUR country and expect US to accommodate them to their needs. All in all I agree with everything that they have to say about immigration.

Protect the Capitol

I just read an article in the Austin American Statesman about putting metal detectors and security sensors in the state Capital. I say what I great idea! I went to the Capital in high school for a field trip and I noticed one of the teachers who was with us talking about the lack of security at the Capital, especially at the entrance. I did pay attention to the remark and concluded that it was quite true. Literally anyone can come into the Capital with a weapon and harm the nearest person. I find it amazing that there has not been a major incident there already. At least not to my knowledge.

Just recently there was a five to one vote over Governor Rick Perry for deciding that it is time to furnish the Capital with metal detectors and x-ray equipment. I understand where Governor Rick Perry comes from when he says that he wants the state capital to “remain one of the few high profile government buildings that does not screen at entrants.” It would be lovely to think that we live in such a care free, peaches and cream world where nothing bad happens. But, with regard to the January shooting occurrence that happened right outside of the Capital building and all the other crapola that goes on in Austin, we must think a little more reasonably. Our Capital is a very important building and is a very significant symbol to the state of Texas and it would be nice to know that the build is protected.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ooohh Census Packet

My colleague, Amber posted a blog not too long ago about the census packet and the overall importance of filling out the census packet. She also talked about how not many people are aware about just how essential it is. Hands down I would absolutely have to agree with Amber about this matter.

To begin with I do feel that not many people are conscious about what the heck a census packet is and also what it does. In all honest I had no idea what it was either up until this very semester when we learned about it in class. It is completely understandable that some people are hesitant to put down the exact information as to how many people truly live under a household for various reasons. And if I had no idea what a census packet was and I got something in the mail that ordered me to expose how many people live with me for whatever reason, I would be skeptical about it too. Not to mention I would be more reluctant to put down any information because of the fact that they say that they will be harassing you if you do not cooperate.

Now, if there were billboards or local television commercials that informed the public about what the census packet is; everything what just be a lot dandier. More people would learn that filling out these census packets is not detrimental to them in any way and that it will allow the state not to lose money because of it. So all in all I am in agreement with Amber.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I was reading an article in the Austin American Statesman written by the editorial board that talked about how Del Valle school district did not want any involvement with a Parent Teacher Association of their own. I only have one thing to say about this. “Why?” Just reading that makes me wonder what in the world is the Del Valle school district hiding from us?

The editorial brought up a very good point in regards as to why parents should form a Parent Teacher Association. These people are taxpayers who help finance the schools which in turn, includes the salaries of the Administration. The very administration that is trying hard to prevent the formation of a Parent Teacher Association. I find that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be more involved with your children Del Valle school district. What is wrong with that?

I just do not understand why any school district would not want the parents of the children they are teaching to be more involved with them. It does not make any sense to me. It seems like some downright shady business to me. Like the editorial said, the right thing for them to do is to help the parents organize a Parent Teacher Association.

Del Valle school districts argument to this was that they did not want parents as partners in deciding what was best for the school district. They also felt that parents should seek involvement with their children’s schools through committees that are organized, financed and controlled by the Del Valle school official.
I do not know if it is just me but I find this entire situation extremely weird. To me the Del Valle school district’s reason for not wanting this to happen seem selfish. I believe that the true reason behind this is that they do not want to have to deal with parents because that will take up more of their time. Time that they selfishly want for themselves and not for the honest and true satisfaction of the parents.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is being Mean

I was reading an article in the Austin American Statesman by Thomas O. McGarity the other day that talked about how Texas is going to downgrade the state’s water quality standards for most of the surface water in the state. All I have to say is why the heck would you do that? This is going to affect the quality of places to swim, fish and wade in streams in Texas. I think this is absolutely ridiculous because, it is pretty much common sense that there is already crap in the water and if we decide to follow through with this, then go ahead a say goodbye to a good portion of Texas’s recreational activities. And not to mention it is also freaking disgusting that Texas would consider such a thing. If this had to do with money, believe me there are more appealing things to downgrade.

The author wrote this commentary for the general public; anyone who is curious about what is going on in our state of Texas; of any age group that can read and comprehend what they are reading. By reading this one can see that the author has taken the time to provide fact and information to support his commentary. He talks about how our “current contract recreation designation allows only 126 colonies of E. coli bacteria.” And the new one would “allow 206 colonies in some "swimmable" waters and up to 630 colonies in waters used primarily for fishing and boating.” He claims that this is by all means not a smart decision for the state to make and I definitely agree with him. He also used logic such as the natural E. coli that we have in our bodies is nothing like the crap that we could potentially be exposed to if these changes happen. Duh.

I feel that after reading this I would hands down have to agree with him. I enjoy sending my time out at lakes and stream during the summer time, but I do not want to get anywhere near water if our state has come to this. I think that author did I wonderfully effortless job convincing a topic like this to me and I hope people feel that same way. When I was 7, I accidentally swallowed some water from a little public swimming hole thing by my house and that ending with me in the hospital, facing kidney failure and having a catheter in me from god knows what was in the water. And it took me a very long time to even get into any kind of body of water after that experience. The sad thing is that the water hole that I went to was being treated daily. I cannot imagine what waterborne hell with infest in it after it is downgraded.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bye Bye Cactus Cafe

So I was reading a commentary in the Austin American Statesman about how the University of Texas is going to be shutting down a venue known as the Cactus Café located in the Texas Union. The author, John Young, really felt that the reason for the University of Texas closing the venue was, in a sense, selfish. This commentary is directed towards the general public in hopes to save the Cactus Café. Young quotes that the university said that the Cactus Café

"Struggled to maintain profitability" and therefore decided to do away with them. Young says “Yes, you love the word: ‘profitability’ — that criteria around which the world revolves. Well, not all worlds. Some people see value in non-currency, without percentage points attached.”

And to support his argument and try to persuade the general public to see where he is coming from, Young brings up examples such as; would it be okay for The Wall Street Journal to have a swimsuit edition because it would bring in more revenue? Another argument Young had was would it be okay to put the letters E,X,X,O and N on the side if the UT Tower because most companies would pay nicely for that kind of opportunity. He also argues that it costs money to run the café, money that Texas apparently does not have and if that is so, does it not cost money to make the UT Tower glow orange on special occasions.

I feel that Young has great points and that his arguments were defiantly worth considering. The Cactus Café has been around for a very long time and there is much personality and intangible value to it but, in all honestly I feel that it should go. If the café is located on school grounds and the place is attracting more alumni and non-students than students, well then by all means I find nothing wrong with trying to make it suit the needs of its students. Young has pretty good evidences and his logic is quite well, but it is not enough for me to agree with him. I think that Austin is an amazing place but when it comes to letting things go, especially something that has been around for a long time, we simply do not want the change. I say just go with the flow and see what happens because hundreds of places close down and better places pop up.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Texas vs. Federal Government

I found an article in the Austin American Statesman that I thought was rather interesting and I felt that it was a good article for others to read. The article is about how our wonderful state of Texas is going to be taking the federal government to court because of a disagreement over greenhouse gases. It says in the article that Texas has a lot of greenhouse gas emissions and with the new changes that the Environmental Protection Agency wants, there is going to be some problems. Governor Rick Perry not only feels that the new finding by the EPA is not legitimate but if we were to follow through with it, the Texas economy and jobs will decrease. I feel that people should read this article not only to be informed about what is currently going on in our state of Texas but also because I find the article truly exciting. I feel that it is really important to be an informed citizen and this article here does a good job updating us. Reading this article really makes me excited that Texas would dare take the federal government to court. After reading this article… there is so much that I feel but I do not know whether or not I am happy or upset about the situation. It’s a good article to read, it has really got me thinking and I feel that if anyone else has time they should do the same.